Pornography Is A Poison For Life

Pornography Is A Poison For Life

Every human being is a gift of god. God has created everyone for a purpose. Some people work hard to earn a living where as some people participate in sport, excel in academics, excel in performance at work etc. When life has so many good things to concentrate on, many people today are focusing on obscene videos and sex videos. They are so much interested in watching them that they forget their own life and their purpose. They get addicted to it. This changes them completely mentally and physically. This is not only for the adults, but there are children who watch these videos. With the advent of internet and easy access to it, children get caught up with so many things on the internet and try to follow them even if they are not at all mature to understand them. They see pictures, videos and adult talk, social media sites and think it is cool. Becoming parents before the age of 16, having early sex, bashing parents and living the life with an expression” it’s my life” has become a norm, today. Children think that is world. They have started to hate rules of the society or the custom. With internet in hand and with all the information getting updated every minute, they can get any knowledge that they need from internet. One such knowledge is about sex.

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How watching sex videos affect personal life

Many people who are addicted to pornography often suffer in their personal life. This is because, watching these sex videos which involves hard core sex, desi couples kissing, couples involved in sexual activities etc. make them less interested in marital life. This makes the partner feel lonely and depressed. They end up in getting divorce. The addiction makes the people choose pornography over their marital partners. The real tenderness in the marriage is lost due to this. These kinds of people are aggressive and lose respect in women, because these videos portray women as a sex tool. The same is the case for men as well. Both men and women fall a prey to these porn videos which is very dangerous to lead a normal and happy life.

Solution to pornography

One solution to get rid of this addiction is to stop watching them by blocking all the porn websites. Spending time with the family will help in a long run. They should be taught on the importance of living with the family and that watching desi couples kissing is waste of time.

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